Why iProperty NT

Is Video Worth 1.8m Words?

🎥 They say a picture paints 1000 words. Well video at iProperty NT Paints 1,800,000 words….. The world of online video has changed!

Have You Sold Your Home Yet?

🏡 Wow! It has not being easy, however this market has forced us to level up!… As we head into 2018 we have a short update for you….

Want The Latest Stats From The REINT

📊 Want the latest statistics from the Northern Territory? We have you covered with the latest RELM (Real Estate Local Market) anyway you need it PM’d, Messenger, facebooked, or even emailed…..

How Marketing is Done in 2018

🎬 We Do Things iDifferently 2 of Darwin’s most innovative agents speak up! We talk the talk and walk the walk…. Check out this video by Peter Gowers & Peter Kafkas